NVC Photography


The Photography Department at Napa Valley College provides the finest of instruction in the use of traditional and contemporary photographic techniques. Majoring in photography with an emphasis in traditional or digital imaging will provide the student with basic aesthetic principles as well as an extensive range of practical photographic techniques needed for college transfer, entry into the photographic workplace, or for artistic expression.

Course work includes black and white processing and printing, digital imaging, studio lighting, experimental and non-silver processes, zone system techniques, and portfolio preparation. Students are encouraged to develop a personal, expressive style in addition to achieving technical excellence.

The Photography curriculum is designed to build fundamental technical skills in the operation of 35mm, medium and large format cameras, using traditional and digital camera systems. In addition, all classes emphasize the importance of creativity and originality in image-making through a progressive series of conceptual assignments.

Career Opportunities

Photographic Assistant

Digital Darkroom Technician

Color Management Controller

Fine Art Photography

Newspaper Photographer

Weddings/Event Photography

Commercial photography

Portrait photography

Fine Art photography

Editorial photography

Documentary photography

Photographic lab technician

Photo assisting

Digital Imaging Artist

Photo Retoucher

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO’s)

PLO 1 Critically evaluate and understand the aesthetic, cultural, and 

           political development of Photography in historical and

           contemporary cultures

PLO 2 Create finished images for professional/fine art applications based

           on principles of effective design and communication,

PLO 3 Translate concepts and experiences through images.

PLO 4 Present finished design products for peer, professional or

           academic review.

PLO 5 Evaluate and critique photographic work and receive criticism from